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Count the ways you care

Sometimes you just don’t have enough hands. We’ve got you covered.

Our Alexa skill is coming in the summer of 2019. If you have an Amazon Echo device, you’ll be able to download our free skill to log events to the app via voice.

  • Just changed a diaper? No problem. Alexa can do the logging for you.

  • Want a reminder of when the baby ate last? Just ask Alexa. She’ll tell you.

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A lot of times I forget to log in real time because my hands are dirty or full and I can’t push the button. So being able to enter events through voice is awesome!
— Andrew W.

Our logger device is a
1-touch option
for grandparents,
nannies and those
2 am diaper changes


Seen us around?  

We’ve recently rebranded from BabyLogger to Talli. If we look familiar, you may have run across us in one of the following places.