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Count the ways you care

One-touch logging

Track feedings, diapers, sleep and more with one touch of a button


Your easy button for baby

It doesn’t get any simpler than the Talli™ one-touch logger.

Just press the button for the activity you want. It connects to your WiFi and sends the event to our companion app. See all your data any time, anywhere in the app.


On-the-go logging + reports and analytics

Our Talli™ Baby app makes it easy to log from your phone. Or pull up answers to your pediatrician’s questions at each visit.

See all your data in real-time. No matter how it was logged. The app pulls together event data from your Talli device, your app, and Alexa. See everything in one plcace and make any edits needed.  


No free hands?
Let Alexa log for you!

Just changed a diaper? Hands full? No problem. Just ask Alexa to log for you. The event will show up in your Talli Baby app. You can always edit or add more detail to any event in the app.


Why are parents tracking?

Parents track infant care for many reasons. Here are a few.


We’re Talli. You can count on us.

We promise to make it blissfully easy to track the activities you and your pediatrician care about.

Use whichever pieces of our platform are easiest for you. Device, app, or Alexa skill – our goal is to meet you wherever you are and take the work out of tracking.


Seen us around?  

We’ve recently rebranded from BabyLogger to Talli. If we look familiar, you may have run across us in one of the following places.