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When technology meets love, it’s a beautiful thing.

Talli Baby offers simple tracking and reporting for baby’s daily activities. It’s convenience you can count on to make life a little easier, and keep you connected to baby from anywhere. Our mobile app, Alexa skill, and one-touch logger give you three easy options for tracking. Use whatever option(s) work best for you.

Talli Baby mobile app

Our Talli ™ Baby mobile app is now available for iOS and Android.

Our app has a clean, modern interface for on-the-go logging of feedings, diapers, sleep and more. So you get a real-time view of baby’s day across multiple devices and caregivers. Use our built in timers for nursing, pumping, and sleep and easy edits of any event. The app creates daily, weekly or monthly reports to share with your pediatrician or childcare giver, and highlights patterns in your child’s behavior. It’s simple and easy to use (even when you haven’t slept in days...)

I really like the feeding options on the app. I’ve also used [another] app - and I prefer your app for tracking nursing, bottle feeds and pumping - it’s easy and specific.
— Sarah B.
I love the reports - especially the [averages]. I always feel like such a negligent mom when I go for my appointment and they ask how long is he feeding, how many wet and dirty diapers on average a day, etc because I don’t know off the top of my head!
— Katherine l.
Love the app. Love the fact I can get a summary of the day (love I can prove to my husband just how much sleep I’m NOT getting!)
— Amanda R.

Log hands-free
with Alexa

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Talli grows with you. Update it to use
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We’ve recently rebranded from BabyLogger to Talli. If we look familiar, you may have run across us in one of the following places.