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1-touch logging for baby’s daily activities

Our patent-pending Talli™ device uses your WiFi to log events to the app, where you can see them in real-time from wherever you are. Use the app to add additional detail or edit events if needed.

  • Patent-pending design is simple and easy to use.

  • Keep it in the nursery, by the fridge, or wherever it’s most convenient for you.

  • Intuitive and easy for grandparents and babysitters to use. No training required.

I like being able to simply press a button and record the info. I don’t have to find my phone, open up an app and then push more buttons.
— Emma J.
I love the ease of it. No worries of finding a phone, a place to put the phone, the battery running out.“
— Claire K.
I like the big buttons and the ease of just pushing a button as I go. Holding an infant and trying to open an app on my phone to then log info was a lot to juggle.
— Julie K.
It’s nice to have the device next to the changing table - where I often don’t have my phone.
— Anjali S.
I love that you just press the button and can look at the app later. I like that I don’t have to pull out my phone at 3 in the morning when I’m half asleep feeding the baby.
— Robin S.
The buttons are intuitive and easy to understand. I like the ease of pressing the button once or detailed nature of entering in additional information when logging in on a mobile device.
— Sarah B.

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Arrow Certified Technology

The Arrow badge... really gives the buyer a lot of confidence in the product because you have a team of highly skilled engineers from a multi-billion dollar company that are assessing your designs and giving it proof and validity.
— Chris Szczur, CEO, Dyno Equipment

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We’ve recently rebranded from BabyLogger to Talli. If we look familiar, you may have run across us in one of the following places.